Michaela DesRosiers & Dan Kilmer

Featured Artist
  • glass necklace jewelry pendant implosion flower

Since 2004 Dan and Michaela have been Flameworking glass, a form of glassblowing using a torch and specialty tools for shaping and detailing. Super Nova Pendants, Turtle Pendants, Heart Pendants and more are all made from colorful borosilicate glass with pure silver/gold details in our Small Island Workshop. Each piece is an original, handcrafted creation inspired by nature and the universe.

Our unique glass designs are created to the finest standard and with durable borosilicate glass. Pure silver and BC 24k gold are combined with colored glass to create an array of iridescent colors. Different techniques are utilized to achieve stunning visual effects. Each piece is a one a kind, handcrafted creation inspired by the universe.

“As artists, borosilicate glass is our medium of choice, with it’s rich glossy colors and super strength, it is an amazing material.”


Is a form of glassblowing utilizing a flame, enhanced with oxygen and specialty tools for the creative detailing process. Each and every piece we offer has a special unique design and was created with meticulous care and detail.