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I try to live a bold and courageous life that is large, irregular, asymmetrical and colorful. While this can allow for an element of emotional drama in my life, I’m learning to embrace this quality in myself rather than resist it. It makes sense then, that in my ongoing pursuit of authenticity, I strive to achieve these same characteristics in my work.

I have long been inspired by tribal art and narrative work that suggests a story such as the jewellery of Pacific Northwest artists, Ramona Solberg, Kiff Slemmons and Ron Ho. I’m also ignited by the playful, often animated work of Susan Lenart Kazmer and the western influenced work of Richard Salley. Sometimes their stories are obvious, but more often the narrative is left up to the imagination of the onlooker and is enhanced by the wearer of a piece.

Like these artists I enjoy finding and integrating found objects into my work. Thus, a piece usually begins with a find that catches my eye because it suggests a story waiting to unfold through the making of a piece. From the beginning, the find becomes a treasure that guides me towards the revelation of a story. From my preference for applying textures and patinas my pieces take on an archaeological appeal or a sense that they have just been dug out of the earth thus adding a trace of mystery as to their origins.